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Why we now have a blog at Peters
Why we now have a blog at Peters

Taking a look behind the scenes of the company with storytelling - specialising in the production and development of high-tech coatings in electronics, the family-owned Peters Group from Kempen on the Lower Rhine - Coating Innovations for Electronics - is the world's only full-range supplier for the entire production chain, starting from the unpopulated printed circuit board to the protection of the finished electronic assembly in the end device. The company has been constantly developing itself, its products and services since the mid-1950s and has faced the challenges of globalisation.

Today it counts 8 subsidiaries worldwide and 45 agencies to serve more than 4000 customers all over the world. The company traces its name back to its founder Werner Peters, who in 1956, together with the two other PCB pioneers Fritz Stahl (Ruwel, now Unimicron) and Hermann Seul (Isola), heralded the beginning of PCB production in Europe with the first serially produced PCBs in Germany. By taking over the Niederrheinische Lackfabrik in Krefeld in 1970 and focusing it on special coatings for electronics, he marked the beginning of the company's success story in this important niche segment. The development of the first non-bleeding solder resists and the invention of peelable solder resists were milestones in electronics production. For the first time, it was possible to achieve finer and particularly clean structures in the solder mask thanks to these non-bleeding solder resists. Peter's customers and partners from the automotive industry, aerospace, industrial electronics, medical technology and LED applications still appreciate the highest quality and best service today.

The people in the company

What does that mean exactly and what does it look like behind the scenes at Peters, a family-run business based in Kempen that operates worldwide? Who are its movers and shakers? What do they offer their customers? People and stories behind the chemical company that manufactures and develops much more than solutions for electronics. Peters offers perspectives, has visions and solutions and, with its research and development team, is a guarantor for new and further development of innovative products. Peters offers seminars, workshops, insight into state-of-the-art technology, climate control labs and 3-D/ink jet labs, promotion of young talents and a modern workplace.  We want to look right there with our stories and tell of a medium-sized family company acting worldwide. We want to make success transparent and complicated things more understandable.

Present in social networks

Twice a month, we would like to address topics in the blog that might be interesting for our readers, i.e. you. We will link the articles in the social media and would like you to share. If you get involved, share, like, comment, to tell more people about Peter's doing and being. We are currently active on LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, and YouTube, and also have a direct line to the Asian channel WeChat.

With our future articles, we want to inform, entertain and encourage exchange in a world that is increasingly virtual and digitally connected. Blog sections are a great way to tell these very stories and to connect with each other and show you how a small business can make a big impact. In management seminars, you will learn about positioning, the fact that you can look for a niche in the market and be very successful exactly there. Perhaps this is a building block that writes the Peters success story. It's about a niche market, about conformal coatings, casting compounds, solder resist for printed circuit boards in electronics. And this is mainly where electronic components have to withstand special requirements. The challenges include large temperature variations, extreme climatic conditions and outdoor lighting technology, for example.

Historic incidents: Peters‘ via hole filler to the moon

How this specialisation came about, which were the paths taken by the company founder, which are the fields where ELPEPCB®, ELPEGUARD®, ELPECAST® and ELPESPEC® are used and what makes them so special will be just as much a topic as interviews with today's makers or significant historical events, such as in 1999, when via hole fillers from Lackwerke Peters flew to Mars in the Sojourner vehicle and are still there today...

Additional chapters

Let us surprise you and follow us via our newsletter or our social networks. The next report will be an interview with CEO Ralf Schwartz taking up a stance on "Where do we stand today - where do we want to go". Since the Peters Group -Coating Innovations for Electronics - is committed to promoting young talents, the company has been cooperating with the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences for many years in guiding young people on their career path. This way, you can find out how Peters is currently benefiting from state-of-the-art AI technology in coatings analysis by following an interview with Dr Christian Schmitz who is on the path to his professorship career, completing three practical years at Peters Research.

We hope we have aroused your curiosity and look forward to finding many loyal readers who will gain added value from our texts.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, interest, just feel free to contact us; we will get back to you soon.

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